Blindfolded Rubiks solve – Memory Routine

Performed on board a cruise ship of which Phoenix was the headline act, this Sydney Magician & Mind Reader manages to solve a Rubik’s cube whilst blindfolded.

Feedback from the original video of this routine had viewers saying that it would be better if the audience mixed the cube. Here it is again including the part where the audience mixes the cube up, not me 🙂 This also eliminates the second theory – that there are “bumps” or “Braille” to signify what goes where.. the audience members mixing the cube would notice this. The cube is also normally given away to the person who mixes it afterwards, thus proving that it is, indeed a normal Rubik’s cube.

Not a normal part of my main shows, this was performed as the finale of my 20 minutes in the farewell show several days after the main 50 minute show. It is a tribute to parents who support their children’s dreams with encouragement… No matter how crazy some of them are.
Thanks to my parents… this one is for you.

Check it out below:

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