“One of Australia’s top corporate entertainment acts, period.”

Good, clean corporate entertainment, with that gob-smacking “WOW!” factor!

Phoenix’s shows are specifically tailored to, and designed for individual audience platforms, with his specialty being corporate events. Not many entertainers can truly WOW a corporate audience, and even less have such a high rate of turning sceptics into astounded believers as Phoenix does.

Mentalist performs roving magic & mind reading, brilliant corporate entertainment

When it comes to events, Phoenix presents a variety of options for the corporate client. An office cocktail party is best suited to his incredible roving magic & mind reading show.

In this show, Phoenix will mingle mongst your guests performing incredible routines, right in front of your guests eyes, & often in their own hands. this form of entertainment if the perfect icebreaker & will have your guests talking about the vent for a long time to come.

For conferences or corporate dinners, we next move up the scale towards Phoenix’s floorshows, or Cabaret Stage Shows where a stage isn’t always necessary, for those trickier venues. Here we have choices from his incredible mentalist show, or the Comedy, Magic, & Mind Reading show, of which Phoenix includes much audience participation in some hilarious, yet astonishing routines.

Casino Themed Shows, Perfect for

For themed events, such as “Casino Themed Events“, Phoenix has chosen select routines based around casino’s & beating them. This show will not only fit with your theme, it will blow your audience away!

For larger events with stage & side stage capabilities, Phoenix combines the BEST of his incredible talents as a mentalist & mind reader, with his signature thrilling water tank escape. This show, Full stage & escape show is described by cruise ship passengers, celebrities, and corporate audiences as simply incredible!

The Hypnotist show is, as you can imagine, just that. A hilarious hypnosis show, clean, yet hilarious, unless otherwise requested.

Of course there are other possibilities, while Phoenix is a mentalist, he does have a strong background in illusion as any mentalist should do and can even make your CEO or special guest appear.

PR stunts will attract the attention of everyone with some truly astounding possibilities – enquire to know more about these!

Trade Shows are also another fantastic use. Pull a large crowd as Phoenix blends mind reading with a comical humour to create the perfect blend of trade show entertainment, producing the right leads. Phoenix can even make your contacts appear, along with a prediction, inside the mobile phones of audience members without pressing a single button… Highly advanced marketing & the best corporate entertainment available.

The bottom line is that there is a show to not only suit every event, but to blow the minds of each audience member. Join the long list of clients thrilled with Phoenix’s work , contact us today for availabilities.