Covid Live Event Entertainment & Online Virtual Shows

Live Entertainment in a Covid World

Covid has been an interesting time for all of us. With virtually all larger-scale corporate events on hold until further notice, I have noticed only two forms of events that have either seen a resurgence or have burst onto the scene since the pandemic began.

Online Virtual Performances

With the advent of Covid-19 causing large volumes of staff to work at home, platforms such as Zoom were

Virtual Online Performances of Influencer Online
Virtual Online Performances of Influencer Online

thrust into the mainstream spotlight.

I had already been working on a new show called “Influencer” for approximately two years when Covid made its unwelcome way around the globe.

I had on occasion, been talking with clients over platforms such as Zoom about their upcoming events, and was known to give demonstrations on occasion.

My new show “Influencer” uses the internet as a playground and it wasn’t long before I decided that virtual shows and the confines of a viewers laptop screen were not a bad thing, but instead worked with and enhanced the scale of Influencer.

From this point, a purpose-driven theatre was upgraded to become a fully-equipped production studio.  I noticed some entertainers performing virtual shows, and while the content was often ok, I wanted to not only ensure my shows was light-years ahead of anything else out there, but my production value was too.

The theatre itself uses multiple cameras and switchers for close-ups or full-scale viewing, professional studio lighting, a technician to ensure smooth sailing of the performance, a large cinema screen from any visual presentation.

I wanted “Influencer Online”, as I called it, to not just be a virtual version of a show, but to instead use the strengths of these platforms to create something new.

Influencer Online is like watching a professional television show, with the exception that your attendees can interact with me and be part of the show, creating something truly new and exciting.

Influencer Online is mind-boggling. I have taken some of the most astounding impossibilities and created an online experience like no other.

Covid-Safe Live Event Entertainment

With the slow resurrection of small corporate events and limited-number weddings, demand has spiked for live entertainment to once more dazzle audiences.

Limited numbers and Covid restrictions mean that dancing and mingling are on hold for the foreseeable future, but this does not mean that your event has to be any less than you had hoped for.

I have had numerous bookings of late, in particular for my Wedding Reception Show, of which I have received some overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Newlyweds who were initially crushed at the thought of no mingling or dancing allowed on their big day have been thrilled to see live entertainment not only enthraling their guests but making the event even more memorable for years to come.

One client even noted the restrictions as eventuating better than if they had been able to have dancing instead.

My Wedding Reception Show was specifically created for weddings so as to not overshadow the bride and grooms big day, but to instead celebrate this with the entire crowd in a beautiful and positive, yet wildly entertaining manner.

Another Client & Mother of the bride, Leonora, said:

Thank you for making our kid’s wedding day even more special, you were AWESOME and the feedback Lina and I have received has been how amazing you were.”

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