Hire a Hypnotist for a Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth event that You Won’t Soon Forget

Humanity has always had an interest in magic, which we can see in the earliest human records and even in the world of extensive scientific discovery that we live in today. There’s no denying that magic is an exciting concept, even if you don’t believe in it. Hypnotism is just one aspect of what we call “magic” that has always been very popular.

Hypnotism has been used both for entertainment and to aid in difficult life struggles, such as quitting smoking. Good hypnotists are trained professionals that know how to access the subconscious and manipulate it to make people say and do different things, often with hilarious results. It’s totally safe and a ton of fun, which is why many people choose to hire a hypnotist in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and all throughout the rest of Australia as entertainment for a big event.

What does a Hypnotist do?

In a typical hypnotism show, the hypnotist will bring someone from the audience to the stage. He will then proceed to hypnotise them using carefully practised methods. These methods essentially put the participant into a sort of “trance”. At that point, the hypnotist can play around with the participant and he can make them dance, cluck like a chicken, or a whole host of other things that the person may have never done on their own volition. It’s all in good fun, though and the participant is told what will happen, and they can be brought out of hypnosis very quickly and safely. It is hilarious to see your CEO dancing around a stage, and it’s great for company morale.

Why are Hypnotists Good for Events?

In addition to the humour in seeing your CEO or good friend being hypnotised, hypnotists are perfect for events because of that natural curiosity related to magic that was referenced earlier. Even sceptics will be interested in seeing how hypnotism works, and the show will become a big topic of conversation. There’s no doubt that a big advantage associated with a hypnotist is that after they are finished performing, you have everyone gathered together in front of a stage, and they will be in good spirits. This is the perfect time to make a sales speech or address any other topic.

Hire Phoenix as Your Hypnotist in Perth

Phoenix is an award-winning hypnotist that has performed on national TV, on cruise ships, in front of large audiences, for corporate events, at trade shows and the list goes on. He is an extremely talented, funny, and friendly hypnotist that has to be seen to be believed. There’s nothing quite like watching an expert hypnotist work, and Phoenix doesn’t disappoint. He can perform at your Melbourne (or any other) event as a hypnotist, or he can do any of his other magic and he specialises in mentalism and also knows quite a few impressive illusionist tricks, so don’t hesitate to get in contact so that you can see what he can do for your upcoming event.