Forget the Cheesy Magicians of Old: Hire Mentalist Phoenix as Your Sydney Magician and Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown!

Mentalist Phoenix is a magician for the new millennium. Between his stint on Australia’s Got Talent, his role consulting on the multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbuster X-Men Origins: Wolverine, his countless crowd-pleasing TV appearances and his acclaim everywhere from six-star cruise ships to the stages of Las Vegas, Phoenix has spent the past decade-plus redefining what a magician can be.

If you are looking to astound and entertain your guests for a corporate or festival event but have been steering clear of Sydney magicians due to the stereotype that magic shows are ‘cheesy,’ think again! Mentalist Phoenix’s cutting-edge magician show will thrill everyone in your audience—even those who have always been skeptical of magic shows.

Get the Entire Audience Involved with Mentalist Phoenix as Your Magician in Sydney!

One of the coolest things about hiring Mentalist Phoenix as your magician in Sydney is that he doesn’t simply perform up on the stage, far away from the individual audience members. Instead, Mentalist Phoenix is a roving artist who goes out into your audience with the goal of engaging every single person in the crowd. Certain members of the audience will even be able to participate in three to four-minute routines in front of everyone. It’s the perfect activity to boost morale and camaraderie in a corporate environment.

So what kind of magic can you expect to see at a Mentalist Phoenix show? The cornerstones of the show are advanced psychological entertainment and audience participation, so mind reading, mental persuasion and hypnosis could all be parts of the presentation—with a few close-up magic tricks thrown in for good measure. In other words, when you hire Mentalist Phoenix as your Sydney magician, you don’t have to worry about sitting through any cringe-worthy ‘bunny out of the hat’ tricks. Instead, Phoenix performs sophisticated mind reading and hypnosis routines that will truly have your audience wondering how he does it.

Book the Original and Skip the Imitators

Thanks to the enormous international success and consistent stream of five-star reviews that Mentalist Phoenix has achieved over the years, many lesser magicians in Sydney and beyond have taken to imitating his shows. These imitators use tricks and slight of hand to pretend to do what Phoenix can do live on stage. Some magicians even copy Phoenix’s routines wholesale for their own shows.

The truth, though, is that imitating what Mentalist Phoenix does is not an easy task. Phoenix has been studying the human mind since the age of eight when he read a book about body language from his father’s library. In the years since, he has become incredibly skilled at reading and understanding people, an ability that continues to make his mind reading and mental persuasion routines the best in Australia. An imitator trying to do these routines without the necessary skill, then, will put on a hollow and ultimately unsatisfying show.

So when it comes to finding the right magicians to hire in Sydney, don’t go for the cheap knockoff entertainers. Book the original, book the best and give your audience the genuine thrills, laughs and astounding entertainment they deserve.

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