Raising money for animal welfare..

The IAPF is led by Australian former military commando, Damien Mander. Damien is one of the most generous souls alive, who not only risked much of his life to save & protect others, but has since now given his life to the conservation & survival of several endangered species, something I’m sure many of us dream of doing.

The species have no one else to help them, & time is running out. So Damien is training local rangers, & bringing awareness to the world. This, is a true hero.

In August, 2012, I organized a charity event to raise money to help support one of the IAPF, and with little publicity behind us, the evening turned out to be a roaring success. The event was held at Slide, on Oxford St, Sydney, and the guests were a beautiful group – couldn’t have asked for better! Through sales and a short auction we managed to raise nearly $2000 for the IAPF.

Whilst that was a great effort, it’s not enough, during most of my stage shows now, I play a little game with my guests on stage, it’s called the “Liars Game”.

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One or two audience members are given the chance during the course of my public, or cruise shows to win $50 if they are able to convincingly lie to me about which hand the $50 is hidden in. They hold both arms to their front, one containing the $50 & are asked to say no when asked if the $50 is inside the respective hand.

I decide which time was the truth, and which time was the lie – if they fool me, they get to keep the $50, if I win, the $50 is donated to an animal welfare organization such as the International Anti Poaching Foundation (www.iapf.org). These are the players who have kindly lost the bet thus far…