Hire the Best Stage Hypnotist in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or Perth

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, need a unique way to market a product or want a performer for your venue, a stage hypnotist is an excellent entertainment professional to hire. For centuries, hypnotists have been wowing audiences by manipulating the minds of many and making them say and do things they might not normally say or do. The process is totally safe, and makes for a memorable experience that people will be talking about for years.

What Does a Stage Hypnotist in Perth do?

A good stage hypnotist is an expert in psychology, manipulation, and suggestion. As the name implies, they perform on a stage in front of an audience. By doing a few simple tests, they find a person (or people) in this audience who they feel would be good subjects for hypnotism. The hypnotist then places these people in a deep trance and commands them to perform various actions. He can control how they move, what they say, and can even make them do things such as cluck like a chicken. Modern stage hypnotists integrate a lot of comedy into their shows, as if it’s not hilarious enough to see your boss or good friend belting out Elvis songs at the top of their lungs!

Popular Events for Stage Hypnotists

Many events across Australia, both big and small, have featured a stage hypnotist. Melbourne fairs, Sydney cruises, Brisbane corporate functions – all of these are perfect venues for a stage hypnotist to perform. A hypnotist show is a unique entertainment experience because it encourages crowd participation and brings everyone together. It’s a great icebreaker and serves as something to remember and talk about for years to come. If you’re hosting any event that a lot of people will attend, and a comedic show would be appropriate, consider hiring a stage hypnotist.

Phoenix- the Best Stage Hypnotist in Brisbane, Sydney, and all of Australia

You may have seen Phoenix on The Morning Show, Studio 10, Today, or even Australia’s Got Talent. He is a mentalist, hypnotist and illusionist unlike any other, and there’s no end to the amount of things he can do and tricks he can perform. He is excellent at working with crowds and always provides a ton of laughs and countless gasps as he performs seemingly impossible feats. With such a long list of material, Phoenix can even perform multiple shows and remain fresh, so he’s great for annual events, too.

Hiring Phoenix

Phoenix works in Perth and all over Australia for any size event, and all you have to do is book him in advance to ensure that he can be there for yours. More details can be found on his website, and you can contact him for pricing and booking information. Phoenix is quickly becoming a recognisable name all over Australia due to his hypnotism, mentalism, and illusionism, and having him at your event will make it a highly entertaining and memorable experience for all.