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Mind Magic and Comedy Show

The perfect fusion of two mystical arts – that of a magician, and that of a mentalist, blended with the perfect amount of sophisticated comedy makes this show a big hit with corporate clients.

“Unbelievable!!! Incredible!! Amazing! I still feel like my head will explode…..HOW????
Fantastic show Phoenix!”
-Natalie Darville

Not every corporate event will have a venue capable of presenting larger scale shows, nor will many of them even have side wings from the stage.. Many won’t even have a stage! These are just some of the reasons why the Mind Magic and Comedy Show will suit clients needs perfectly.

The duration of this show runs between 30-40 minutes, as tends to be the industry standard for corporate entertainment. In most cases, event organizers prefer to put on a show on as “after-dinner entertainment”. This show and duration are perfect for such events as this time perfectly allows the kitchen to transition from dinner to dessert with seamless ease, ensuring your entire evening runs smoothly.

Mind Magician stunts crowd
Laughter and mind-blowing stunts ensue with the women of the Australian Women’s Golf Open

This show includes audience participation and a sophisticated sense of humour. You won’t find the same tired, corny old jokes, nor the cheesy and tacky tricks of a magician. Instead, you and your audience will be blown away by the impossibility of some of the stunts performed on stage.

“Thank you so much for your effort and performance.  You were the subject of conversation all throughout the evening and the next day still had people baffled.  Thank you for that.

You were a pleasure to meet and we take this opportunity to congratulate you on a job well done and your future career and success!”

-Sandra Farrow, Enterprise Data Corporation

This show is also more flexible than “Psyche!” in the way that company themes or products can also be integrated for a more tailored performance.

TV and Corporate Entertainer Phoenix


Chances are you may have seen some of Phoenix’s work already without even realizing it as Phoenix headlines both the world’s largest, and most luxurious cruise lines, has consulted for blockbuster Hollywood movies, and if often a guest on both Australian and international TV and radio shows. 

Why not take a look at some of the television and radio stunts performed by Phoenix and see why he is one of the most requested corporate entertainers and speakers here.

These cabaret stage shows are Phoenix’s most popular shows as they are cost effective, astounding, easy to set up & pack down, & although any good lighting will greatly benefit any show, this show can be performed with fairly basic lighting.

Speakers & a mixer are required for the above shows. Phoenix can bring his own microphone. A projector & screen is recommended for this show.

If you have already seen this show, then ask about Phoenix’s second award winning Mentalist show “Psyche!“. This show is comprised of all new material, a different format, and an utterly brilliant twist at end of the show that audiences never see coming!

Based in Sydney, Phoenix is available both in Australia and internationally.

Phoenix also performs themed cabaret stage shows, such as his Vegas Heist themed shows 

For information on how to book Phoenix for your upcoming event, contact us here.