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Mind Games Comedy Hypnosis Show:

Critics: Media Reviewer: Tammy Tu – “I came into Mind Games a skeptic but I left a believer. Sounds dramatic, I know, but it honestly was an eye-opening experience and, most importantly, it was hilarious for both the audience and the brave volunteers.”
4.5 stars
Crowd Reviews: “In all the shows we’ve been to over all the years of attending the Fringe, this one is honestly the BEST one we have ever been to. A stand out clear winner! Congratulations on such an entertaining show!”
5 stars
Mind Games
Mind Games” is Hypnosis Revived! The modern, hilarious, and AMAZING hypnosis show by Phoenix, featuring the world’s FIRST fully immersive stage hypnosis experience!

"Psyche!" Mentalist Show:

Media Reviewer: Michael Coghlan – The Clothesline “Psyche!” By Phoenix Will Leave You Believing The Unbelievable! I guarantee you will leave thinking ‘how the *%#& did he do that?’ Read the full article
4 strs
Media Reviewer: Ernest – Kryztoff Raw “Very entertaining and well worth seeing as it will have you wondering what is possible and where does the impossible begin to be real?” Read the Review
4 strs
The most psychologically advanced, and entertaining mentalist show in Australia. Will you see the twist coming?
Media Reviewer: Stacey Canavan – Weekend Notes His mind-trickery is amazing and leaves fans stunned and wanting more. His finale is literally breathtaking and has to be seen to be believed. His hour long show just isn’t long enough and fans cheered as it came to an end, some even stuck around another 75mins just to see what his next show, ‘Mind Games’, had in store for them. Read the full article
5 stars
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