94.5 FM “The Big Couch” gets even bigger as mind reader Phoenix stops by

Phoenix visits 94.5 FM in Perth

Perth’s 94.5 FM radio show, “The Big Couch” today got even bigger, as Corporate Entertainer & mind reader Phoenix dropped by the studios to cast a spell over the team.
In studio on The Big Couch, 94.5 FM Perth Radio
In studio on The Big Couch, 94.5 FM Perth Radio
Today’s visit was limited in some ways, as radio can be, due to time restraints, and deciding which routines would work best. I decided to go with two demonstrations, firstly, I drew the 5 ESP shapes, a star, circle, addition sign, square, & 3 waved lines on white cards & inserted them into plastic sleeves. The Big Couch presenter, Steve, was asked to think of a certain shape. The first time Steve chose a star. Given Steve’s occupation & years in the industry, it was fair to assume (&confirm using several psychological testing techniques) that Steve would choose the Star shape. Upon Steve’s second shot at this, he thought of the addition sign. The first time people have a go at this, hey are not so sure what to expect. Their personality profiles often shine through. The second time however, is SO much so influenced by how I explain the method for divining the first round. The key is to change it slightly each time.
Phoenix reads Kymba's mind on The Big Couch, 94.5 FM
Phoenix reading Kymba’s mind on The Big Couch, 94.5 FM
Following this, I had Kymba write down on a piece of paper, & place in her pocket, the name of someone close to her. Fans who have seen my stage shows, TV appearances, and even my close up will attest to me sometimes having the volunteer write the name down first. This not only cements the name in their minds, but also prevents them changing their minds to be cheeky, which on radio, I have to avoid. Kymba was particularly tricky to read. Having seen a demonstration on Steve, she was already somewhat primed, however, Kymba turned out to be a tougher read than I had first hoped. After performing a flawless read on the incredibly lovely & appreciative girls at reception, I was finding that my initial reads & attempts at locating the emotional tie between her & the mystery person to be not quite on the mark.
94.5 FM's reception girls experiencing their minds being read
94.5 FM’s front desk girls experiencing their minds being read
Admittedly, I was looking for “hits” the same way a “psychic” would, & as rare as it was, I couldn’t land any, so turning to phonetic facial/muscle reads was the only way. By having Kymba sound out the name in her mind, and even shout the name to me (in her mind only, not out loud), I was able to piece together that the name was indeed a nickname, given to her sister, “Blista”. After these demonstrations, we chatted briefly about body language & signs of deception before wrapping up a fun interview with a great crew.
Corporate entertainer Phoenix, drops by the studios on The BIG Couch
The BIG Couch, Perth’s 94.5 FM with Mentalist Phoenix