Body Language & Deception Detection

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Body Language & Deception Detection

Body Language & Deception Detection

Have you ever wished you could read someone’s mind, or at least know how they were feeling about you or what you are saying?

Imagine being able to know signs of deception. We all are skilled liars, everybody lies, whether it is an “insignificant” white lie, or the cover up of an ugly truth, we all lie.. and that’s the truth.

Simple body language gestures is not enough A reader has to be able to competently look for multiple signals at once, combinations that strongly suggest a deception, or emotion revelation of some sort.

It is said that 90% of communication between humans in non-verbal. The usefulness of this art knows no bounds, be it your personal life, or work relations, sales or friendships, this information is invaluable.

This workshop covers what to look for, how to catch a lie, how to change a mood by changing body language & not only what to read, but what to not misread.

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