Club Life Magazine – Four page spread

Phoenix Mentalist

Club Life Magazine – Four page spread

Club Life Magazine – Four page spread

The Mentalist in Club Life Magazine, Feb 2013

Club Life Magazine Mentalist Feature

Catch Phoenix in this months issue of “Club Life Magazine” as they review & cover his shows with a glowing sense of enthusiasm.

The Mentalist in Club Life Magazine, Feb 2013
Taking the corporate & club world by storm, mentalist Phoenix

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The Australian club circuit is redefining its image  and its acts, to bring in exciting & modern entertainers to its stages.

For some time now, the top cruise ships & fringe festivals have been the sacred home to entertainers & shows performing for the public.

Many people of our generation are unfamiliar with the thought of going to an RSL or club to see a show.

Sure, they have had shows listed, but many of them have been the same acts that have been seen for years, but Australian clubs are rejuvenating & reinventing the image of live shows, & this is a fantastic thing for Australians.

One of the most popular comments from guests who come & watch shows on cruise ships is  “WHERE can I come & see your show again? It was AMAZING!”.

More often than not this question has been met with the disappointing answer of “hrmm.. well, to be honest, I perform primarily at corporate events, TV shows, & occasionally there might be a public show, but other than that, it’s cruise ships”.

With Australia’s clubs opening their doors to modern, exciting acts, we may well finally see the resurrection of live shows & entertainment in Australia, & that would be a win for everyone.