Drive and a Motorcycle ride.. Blindfolded?!?!

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Drive and a Motorcycle ride.. Blindfolded?!?!

Drive and a Motorcycle ride.. Blindfolded?!?!

Such a nice day for a blindfolded drive and motorcycle ride - Around people.

It was a nice, sunny Winters day. The kind of day where it’s just good to be outside. Sounds relaxing right? On any ordinary occasion, taking the care out with the sunroof open, or a nice cruise on my motorcycle would have been just that, but this day was not as relaxing as it sounds.

This was the day of which I’d spent quite a while prepping for. Mastering timing, working out angles and gaining council approval – That is, with the help of Lauren Yeates from “Rave It Up TV and the radio program of the same name, who had kept on me for roughly a year straight. 

You see, around two (?) years ago Lauren saw a performance of mine and had asked me to come in and be interviewed on her radio program. After the interview, we were standing outside. To set the scene, Laurens office is right next to a local council showground/track.

This particular day my mouth got me into trouble once again after I uttered the words “This track would be a pretty good track for a blindfolded drive… I’ve been considering doing a ride, only around human witches hats..”

Laurens’ eyes lit up and that was that. There was no way I was getting out of this one. I’ve been padlocked inside a tank full of water before and that felt much easier to get out of than this would.

The past year has been insanely busy with performances in all parts of the world, and to her credit, Lauren kept persisting, until finally, I dedicated the time to plan, practice, and finally attempt the stunt.

The stunt itself turned out to be even harder than anticipated. I’ve been riding motorcycles for years, and the weight of such a bike on a loose dirt and gravel surface added to the difficulty, especially when human “witches hats” were part of the stunt. Their safety was my number #1 priority. Adding to this that I had coins over my eyes, gaff tape over the coins, and a black bag/hood over that!

After all the practicing and planning, the big day had arrived. The five human witches hats were present, Lauren was present, I was (somewhat reluctantly) present. Unfortunately, at the very start of the drive, a local council truck was also present.. Which meant pulling over and letting them pass… This threw a bit of a spanner in the works, but soon enough we were off again. Lauren was my co-pilot and my eyes. Unfortunately said co-pilot was trying to mentally guide me at times by pointing in directions, which of course eventuated in silence until I realized and reminded Lauren that I was indeed blindfolded and completely unaware of any gestures she may or may not be making after she blurted out the words “over there”.

The five human witches hats had been instructed to think of a side – Right or Left. They each thought of a side, and while riding the motorcycle, I rode around them, on the side of which they were merely thinking of. 

The second person caused a little confusion, as she was switching from one side to the other mentally. Potentially thinking “Your left or mine!?” Nevertheless, the side I rode around turned out to be and was confirmed to be correct, and the day came to an end.

No one had been killed, and I never had to do this again. All in all, a pleasant result.

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