Let’s play Mind Games!

Phoenix Mentalist

Let’s play Mind Games!

Let’s play Mind Games!

A few gems from Mind Games Comedy Hypnosis Show

Here are a couple of little snippets from a recent performance on board one of the world’s largest cruise ships.

Comedy Stage Hypnotist Phoenix hypnotizes a young lady who is VERY determined not to lose grip of the number #3. Just as it seems she’s about to get it back, the command takes over and fires that memory into the distant place where our dreams go to live..

Imagine you could understand English perfectly, but every time you went to speak a martian or alien language came out… That is exactly what you’re seeing here… With possibly one of the funniest translators to date..

These are just a couple of gems from Mind Games Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show, the show that received 5-star ratings at Adelaide Fringe Festival.

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