Mentalist Phoenix Hypnotizes PNG FM Host

The Mentalist Visits PNG FM Radio

Mentalist & Hypnotist Phoenix dropped by the set of PNG FM to read the minds of listeners & hosts live on air & for a little extra fun, decided to hypnotize one of PNG FM’s hosts. Do you think it’s possible to forget your name? Dougie certainly didn’t – That is, until he could not recall his name, no matter what. Dougie was then interviewed on air about the supermodel contest that he had supposedly won. Watch the video below! Hypnosis is an incredible & powerful skill & everybody can be hypnotized. Phoenix performs Hypnosis sometimes in his roving shows, or his stage shows, & is proficient in the world’s fastest hypnotic induction techniques. hypnosis is real, and not everyone who claims to be a hypnotist is as proficient as they would like you to think they are. Phoenix has headlined showrooms from Sydney to Las Vegas, and is a popular choice for corporate event entertainment with his array of shows. If you are interested in booking an event hypnotist for your next corporate function, be sure to contact us about Mind Games, the 100% Clean Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show. For more information on this show, visit Phoenix’s dedicated comedy hypnosis show page right here and read the client reviews, and watch the performance footage from live shows.