Sydney Mentalist Phoenix on Moresby Tonight – EM TV

Mind Reader Visits EM TV In PNG

This stunt was most certainly one of the most difficult I have ever had to undertake. Why? Because as much as we would all love to believe, actual multi-tasking is impossible. Attempting to solve a Rubik’s cube, while even considering another thought is near impossible… Add in a blindfold, utilizing memory, while constructing and revealing a scenario for why certain drink choices would be made, whilst attempting to tune into ones experiences is beyond impossible… Yet, here we are!     I was a guest on EM TV, in Papua New Guinea for a corporate event in the area and ended up appearing on the Papua New Guinean TV show as a special guest. This trip was eye-opening for many reasons, but the expression on the faces of the native people of Port Moresby was something else. This TV performance was followed by an appearance at Port Moresby’s most popular radio station where I hypnotized one of their radio stars. “Dougie” instantly went into hypnosis and could not recall his own name, but did manage to vividly recall his big beauty pageant win. This interview and performance can be seen on the performance footage page. All in all, Papua New Guinea was a great experience, as much for me as it was for the people of PNG who had never witnessed anything like this before.