Sydney Mind Reader Phoenix drops by Perth’s 6PR Breakfast Radio Show with Steve Mills

Sydney Mentalist Visits Perth 6PR

I recently had the great pleasure of dropping by the studios of Perth’s 6PR as I was a guest on Steve Mills breakfast radio show. Steve was quite a character, and the nicest of hosts, so it was only fair to play with the mind of Steve & his loyal listeners live on air. Phoenix LIVE on-air with Perth radio host, Steve Mills on Radio 6PR I was able to successfully influence the morning crew & read Steve’s mind as well as a caller-in. I did receive the easily confused psychic request by one caller, which was endearing, however, as a clairvoyant  I am about as useful as flipping a coin, but when it comes to reading minds… That’s a different story. Click below to listen to the interview between Steve Mills, & Sydney Mentalist & Mind reader, Phoenix: [youtube][/youtube]