Instant Rapport Workshop

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Instant Rapport Workshop

Instant Rapport Workshop

What is it that makes people like you? Is it as simple as a smile? Is it your ability to listen? Would you like to manage people who respect you & WANT to please you because of the person you are?

One key to influence is having people respect you. Getting along with others will improve your life dramatically. People will want to be around you, those who work for you will appreciate you. Your friends will speak highly of you & you can be respected by all… if you are willing to make the change.

These changes can be as simple as the rate of which you speak, & as in depth as how you interact. All of these skills can be improved when you know techniques on how to build rapport and learn the art of friendly persuasion.

This workshop covers obtaining instant rapport when meeting people for the first time, to the seemingly difficult task of changing someone’s opinion of you for the better.

For those in sales, expect your sales to rise, & business relationships to grow. For those handling complaints, expect annoyed customers to suddenly calm & reason with you, & for everybody, expect nearly everyone you meet & apply these rules to, to walk away from meeting you with a high regard & hope to see you again soon.

Workshop duration: 1 hour