Instant Rapport Workshop

Instant Rapport Workshop: Influential Sales - Body Language & Rapport

Body Language and Rapport Workshop

What inspires someone to buy from you?

Can you read a room?

Are you aware of the probable first impressions you project?

Can you read your client, and do you know how to break through their resistance?

Why is it that we forget people’s names, and how do we remember them with ease?

No matter what your product or service, ultimately you’re selling and IDEA.

The art of reading Body Language is not as difficult as you might imagine. Building rapport and strengthening client relationships is an ability that can make or break a salesperson.

This workshop includes insights spanning from lifelong experience in Body Language Reading and Training, comparable work in emergency services, a career in hypnosis and influence, and an understanding of human behaviour from an entertainer who uses these techniques daily.

If ONE attendee alone doubled their sales in one year after experiencing this workshop, imagine what a room full of attendees could achieve for your company? The question is, can you afford not to?

This training session isn’t just for sales people. Establishing rapport with others will improve your life dramatically. People will want to be around you, those who work for you will appreciate you. If you follow these lessons, your friends will speak highly of you as become respected by all who meet you.

Corporate Trainer and Keynote Speaker

These changes can be as simple as the rate of which you speak, and as in depth as how you interact. All of these skills can be improved when you know techniques on how to build rapport and learn the art of friendly persuasion.

This workshop covers obtaining instant rapport when meeting people for the first time, to the seemingly difficult task of changing someone’s opinion of you for the better.

For those in sales, expect your sales to rise, & business relationships to grow. For those handling complaints, expect annoyed customers to suddenly calm & reason with you, & for everybody, expect nearly everyone you meet & apply these rules to, to walk away from meeting you with a high regard and plans to see you again.

This workshop includes example exercises, visual demonstrations and explanations, and easy to understand lessons delivered by a professional in the field.

Workshop duration: 1 hour

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