Memory Training in 1 Hour

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Memory Training in 1 Hour

Memory Training in 1 Hour

Where did I leave the keys?

What was that person’s name?

What was I going to say?

WHAT IF you never had to go through this again?

This Memory Training Workshop runs for one hour & at the completion of this corporate workshop, not only will attendees know how to improve their memory easily, & methodically, but they will be able to retain far more information than they had been able to before walking into the session.

The workshop covers the difference between “Committed” & “Non-committed memory”, and how to train one to naturally improve the other. Attendees will actually experience the difference during the workshop as they take part in the methods and systems used.

This workshop also includes a demonstration of advanced memory technique that will inspire & impress any audience memory. We cover & demonstrate how to use one’s committed memory ability by changing the processes we use to remember details & how doing this will improve memory overall.

Anyone can do this workshop, it has been trailed & tested with all ages, from children through to a 90-year-olds! All of whom had astoundingly positive results!

This workshop, while educational, will have attendees trying to methods during the course of the lecture & demonstrating their instant success.

Also available at the course is the take home DVD and Audio CD course by Phoenix

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