What Does It Take To Be A Mentalist

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What Does It Take To Be A Mentalist

What Does It Take To Be A Mentalist

The world of mentalism is, without doubt, a fascinating one. Although it may appear as if the mentalist on stage is nothing short of a mind magician with endless tricks up his sleeve, what he is really is a well-trained and highly-skilled-performer who has spent years honing his talent.

Most people in the audience become easily awed by the mind-boggling acts that they see on stage and hence overlook the tiny details. There is an incredible amount of talent and acumen needed from mentalists that are put to the test in front of so many strangers. Only skilled mentalists survive the test of time.

So how do these chosen few that seem to have the ability to read minds and ‘predict’ events before they actually happen? Is it years of practice or a blessing from the Gods above? If you turn the pages of time, you’ll find that mentalists have always been an important part of world history.

Whether they appeared as oracles, soothsayers or took on more modern avatars later, mentalists have astounded audiences with their impressive skills and talents for centuries.

So, what does it really take to become a mentalist and one who makes the craft look super easy? Here are a few skills that one needs to develop in order to become a world-class mentalist:

Observation is Everything

Sherlock Holmes wasn’t joking when he remarked that everybody else saw the same clues as he did, but only that they quite often overlooked its importance. A mentalist does not merely ‘see’ a person, what he does instead is to take certain cues from the person’s appearance and mannerisms to get a closer understanding of his or her character. That understanding, in turn, lays the foundation for his act.

Human Lie Detector

We tend to unconsciously switch on a ‘fib’ button in our heads when we’re being questioned in front of strangers or by a person of higher authority. Assuming that a mentalist is asking an audience member personal questions, he also needs to be a rather quick judge of certain non-verbal cues as well as verbal cues. It’ll help them detect if that person is lying to him or not. Non-verbal cues such as nervous answers to questions, a red face, fidgety hands etc could indicate that the person is lying.

Being Friendly

A mentalist who behaves like a stern police officer, while performing on stage is not going to have a participative audience. In fact, it’s possible that audience members themselves may hesitate to be a part of such a show if the mentalist on stage does not come across as a friendly person who is easy to converse with. Great mentalists are charismatic, entertaining and able to put the audience at a sense of ease whilst they are performing.

Listening Carefully

So, the person you call on stage will no doubt give you prepared or unrehearsed answers to any question you ask. But, what are the cues or hints about this person that you can pick up without them having never spelled it out loud? That’s where the art of listening comes in. A mentalist needs to be very quick in picking out key information that he needs later because he isn’t going to get a lot of time to thoroughly study the person standing in front of him.

Revealing Nothing

After all, mentalists are human too. It’s possible that you’ll find yourself feeling a whole wave of emotions when you’re asking questions or talking to the audience. A good mentalist never reveals who he truly is to the audience and has to be 100% sure that he isn’t giving anything away either through facial expressions or otherwise. He needs to keep the audience guessing.

Becoming a world-class mentalist isn’t something that happens in just a few days or weeks. Sure, it may be possible to pick up a mentalist trick or two and excel at that in a few months’ time. But to learn the knowledge and skills needed for mentalism often takes nothing less than years of practice and patience coupled with a genuine love for the craft.

Another smart way to understand how renowned mentalists perform on stage is by watching videos of them as they perform and try to pick up a thing or two. But of course, if you really want to get an up, close and personal front view of a mentalist act, all you need to do is to visit our website here to check out our list of scheduled shows in your area. We look forward to treating you to a mesmerising show.

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