Mentalist’s And Corporate Events

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Mentalist’s And Corporate Events

Mentalist’s And Corporate Events

Over the years, the manner in which global organisations plan and execute corporate events has changed in a big way. Not so long ago, these conferences used to be stuffy formal gatherings where everybody showed up in their best suits and sat through hours of power point presentations in which data and figures were displayed and then dissected. Throw in a few talks by the top brass of the company and maybe a cocktail evening or two and then all the employees would head back home relieved that the two or three-day ordeal was over.
Today however, the focus is no longer just on talking figures or data although of course, that still remains at the heart of any corporate event held anywhere in the world. These days, employers have understood that it takes much more than a cocktail hour (where one may even have to pay for one’s drinks anyways!) to keep employees motivated and most importantly, interested in their jobs. So, what has changed?

Corporate events still remain a small or a large gathering of employees and their respective managers, but these events have noticeably taken on a keenly informal tone. Sometimes the memo asks employees to dress casually (because yes, the best ideas usually come when one feels relaxed and comfortable) and if companies are willing to have a dash of fun, there may even be a theme planned for such an event. Or the top brass may even decide to take the team on a holiday and mix mild business with pleasure just like the Queen of Talk Shows Oprah Winfrey chose to when she took all her employees and their families on a cruise trip to the Mediterranean in 2009.

So, assuming that you too are planning a never-been-part-of-one-before kind of fun corporate event, let us show you how you can ace things up several notches.

Enter Phoenix- The Award Winning Mentalist You’ve Heard So Much About

Mentalists like Phoenix are becoming increasingly popular at kids parties, weddings, Cirque shows and even at festivals. People often assume that a mentalist is a magician who is going to conjure things from thin air, but in truth, a mentalist is so much more than that. Think of him as a hypnotist, a clever mind reader, a magician and an entertainer- all rolled into one. It seems he can read your very thoughts, leave you highly confused about something. Perhaps he will hypnotise you and get you to sing at the top of your voice and in short, leave the audience absolutely spellbound yet entertained. So, here’s why we hiring Phoenix is a must for your next corporate event if you really want to give your employees something really to remember.

1. Hiring a mentalist is actually one of the best ways to help an audience unwind and break the ice. When it comes to a corporate event, most of the times employees in larger organisations may not even know each other that well. By getting them to participate in a mentalist show together, it, without doubt, helps to promote teamwork and of course, build a sense of camaraderie. It gives employees from across departments a chance to enjoy a laugh together.
2. As an employer, you know that cocktail parties are only too common. But imagine adding a surprise and unexpected fun element to your corporate event which you know is only going to win you plenty of appreciation from your cherished teammates. Who doesn’t like a magical night?
3. You’ve heard him share tips on the radio, watched him perform impossible stunts on the telly, and read raving reviews about him and his show ‘Psyche’ in the papers- so how about actually getting a front row experience and watching Phoenix put his mentalist powers to work?
4. Don’t worry about the size of the audience and whether a mentalist will only cater to larger audiences for which a stage performance would be required. Whether it’s catching only a few members in the room by surprise or enthralling a much larger crowd, our mentalist Phoenix can do all that and more.
5. Confused about which show to choose because everything looks exciting? We give you a pick of more than 4 packages for corporates to choose from and there’s even an Executive Entertainment Combo Package that’s quite popular with many corporates across Australia.
6. We promise that our show will be nothing short of spectacular so get in touch with us so that we can block our dates for you.

Ready to find out more about how you can watch Australia’s best mentalist perform mind baffling tricks and psychic stunts for yourself?

Contact us to find out more about our amazing group and corporate packages that fit any budget and audience size.

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