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With some of the most engaging topics, active and humorous demonstrations and experiences, Phoenix delivers both speaking topics and active workshops spanning areas of human behaviour, social psychology and the human mind and presents them in ways that bring a room to life!

Vastly different from one another, the workshops and speaking sessions will have your attendees leaving with new concepts and abilities they didn’t think possible.

Keynote speaking stories are also a favourite for certain corporate audiences, one of the more popular ones is based on Phoenix’s world, where doing the “impossible” is a daily requirement. Once an individual moves past the impossibility factor, their minds can be opened up to a new world of higher self-value, and outstanding achievement.

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Corporate Memory Training Workshop.
Where did I leave the keys? What was that person’s name? What was I going to say? WHAT IF you never had to go through this again? 

Instant Rapport Workshop What is it that makes people like you? Is it as simple as a smile? Is it your ability to listen? Would you like to manage people who respect you & WANT to please you ?

EVER WONDERED WHAT SOMEONE IS THINKING? Have you ever wished you could read someone’s mind, or at least know how they were feeling about you or what you are saying?

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