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Network, Engage, Bond, Reconnect - Human Connection Re-established.

The Super Keynote Session


Facilitated by internationally renowned Entertainer & Mind Expert, Phoenix

Team Building events are fantastic, be they a corporate game show, or simply a tab at the bar, but the connection is rarely beyond surface level. ConnectX Dinners delve deeper, forming deeper understandings or one another, experiences, and instigate deeper connections.

Phoenix Connect-X Dinners

What are Connect X dinners, & why?

Is it a networking event?

Is it a team bonding event?

Is it live entertainment?

Is it a motivational event?


Covid & working from home changed the ways we think about work, known as the “Great Disconnect” Isolation & lockdowns meant staff adapted to working from home, and while the pendulum swung from full time in the office to full time at home, some companies are struggling with the return to work, & even a happy medium between working in the office & working at home. 

Higher pay-rates or demands to return to the office don’t seem to be enough of a drawcard for staff. When assessing the psychological impact that has taken place for office workers, it seems apparent that what was missed the most during lockdowns was human connection. Bonds formed between colleagues boost morale, but how does a company remind its workers of the value of office friendships & bonds? B taking part in the reconnection.

Blending specific psychology ,knowledge of human behavior, & mind-blowing entertainment sequences that lead into group sharing & bonding. TV’s Mentalist Phoenix facilitates dinners that open up guests & form new bonds. 

This is Interpersonal Connection for the post-Covid world.

Questions are posed to attendees, stories are shared, minds are blown. No attendee walks away without feeling immensely more connected to other attendees.

Just some of the corporate clients around the world that rely on Phoenix when they need the best in event entertainment

“I’ve never attended an event like this. I feel so much closer to my colleagues!”

Mandy Backbull

“I didn’t entirely know what to expect but I was blown away… This is something entirely new.”

Richard Mogues, Company Director

“The world needs more of this right now. I will be booking this for several departments of our company.”

Miranda, E.A

“Amazing! Both the depth of connection experienced & the unbelievable things we witnessed! I would highly recommend this experience to anyone.”

David Marsh



Engage, Inspire and Excite your entire event audience by giving them the experience of a LIFETIME!



“I guarantee you will leave this event not only inspired & astounded, but you will have at least one colleague of which you will discover a new level of bond with & will 100% maintain a strong connection with moving forwards….”

– Phoenix

ConnectX Brisbane
The Team at Grace Brisbane reconnect over a ConnectX Facilitated Dinner
ConnectX Melbourne
Grace Melbourne post ConnectX Facilitated Dinner


Available for in-person Dinners & Virtual online Dinners.


In-Person Dinners: 10-20 Guests

Virtual Dinners: 30-60 Guests

Bond, Dine, Connect, Be Entertained!

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See Mentalist Phoenix In Action

Book Phoenix as your next corporate speaker for some of the most ENGAGING and entertaining keynote speaking topics!

“I facilitate a lot of conferences and I had the pleasure of having Phoenix turn up to coach our sales team. He was exactly the right person for this group! It was both fun and entertaining, but really hit home with how to better build rapport with people & get the sale. I fully recommend him for your next sales conference or leadership group.”

- Murray fitzpatrick, Sales trainer

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