Charity and Fundraiser Event Entertainment

As you can imagine, Phoenix receives multiple requests each week asking for him to perform at charity events, fundraisers, and non-profit events.

This constant flow of requests caused Phoenix to sit and create a package that was specifically designed for such events, catering to the objectives and goals for a fundraiser.

Everyone knows that successful events such as fundraisers or non-profit events such as charity galas must put on a fun and entertaining evening whilst highlighting the cause. If you have never organized a fundraiser before, it can be daunting when adding up the costs of the event, but what is important to consider is allocating a decent budget to make the evening both fun and memorable. This is why larger

Charity and fundraiser event entertainment
Another very happy charity gala event organiser after the show

This is why larger organizations have a substantial budget – They know that when audiences feel that they have had a good time, enjoyed their meals, and have seen quality entertainment, that they are more likely to open their wallets and continue giving to the cause, but how does one select the RIGHT entertainment for such events?

Along with corporate events and cruise lines, a substantial amount of Phoenix’s work is with charity gala events, and here’s why he is the best choice for your next event:

 Quality Entertainment: 

You’re not just booking any of act to fill a time slot, you’re booking a professional with a strong personality, and charismatic sense of humour to make your evening a successful, and talked about event for some time to come.

Stage and Television Entertainer

Don’t forget, you’re booking an entertainer of which many will have seen on television, or on stage, adding that extra level of prestige to the event entertainment.

Routines specifically engineered generate further audience contributions

Phoenix has taken the time to look into what causes people to want to give. Aside from feeling like they have received a quality evening for the money they have parted with, audiences don’t want to feel pressured too much, however making mention during a performance, and more so designing routines that encourage giving just that little bit extra is a great way of raising further revenue as “part of the show”.

And last, but certainly not least…

Phoenix will donate, live on stage $1000 towards your cause

Often when emails come in pertaining to charity events, there are two prime objectives – firstly to secure quality entertainment, and second, to do it for as little as possible. 

Whilst Phoenix would love to perform at these events at no charge, entertainers have their bills as well and they are, after all, running a business. One wouldn’t expect the caterers to work and supply at no cost, and entertainment is no different. Remember, quality entertainment will end up raising more funds and lifting your profit margin after the entertainer’s fee than no entertainment at all, therefore it is actually more profitable to book quality entertainment. 

But, the part you’re waiting for – The $1000 donation – How does this work, and why is it SO much better than simply discounting a price?

For years Phoenix would offer a discount on his rates in support of the charity event, but other than lower the fee, what good did this do? Ultimately the entertainer was donating money to the cause, but this for some reason wasn’t as recognized as it appeared merely a “discount”.

Our mentalist took a look into the psychology of how to get the most from this and decided that discounting a rate isn’t the right way to go, as it is not fair to offer a discounted rate to one client, and not another, instead Phoenix will, live on stage, donate $1000 of his pay to the charity or fundraising cause (must be a legitimate charity or fundraiser). This has been worked into one of the stage routines during the show. It is also recognized for what it is; a donation from the entertainer, and a sizable one, at that.

Furthermore, if the entertainer is willing to donate $1000 of his own money on stage, what is this likely to encourage to the audience? It’s one thing to ask and ask an audience to give and give, but when they see the entertainer donating a sizable amount to the cause, the psychology here is that everyone is more likely to also open their wallets and give, especially when certain routines are engineered to encourage this behavior.

Without going too far into the psychology of successful fundraising, as with anything, giving is relative, and having a benchmark of $1000 given by an entertainer, who does not directly work for the charity, and is already working at the event is a great benchmark for others. It sets a higher amount as being the socially acceptable donation.

Think about it, if the average donations coming in are $100 here, $200 there, then that is the benchmark, however, if an entertainer donates $1000 during a performance, well, as you can imagine, the benchmark is set higher, and therefore the standard and average donation amounts go up.

Ultimately it’s not a question of whether you can afford Phoenix as your charity entertainment, it’s can you afford not to have Phoenix at your event?

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