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“In all the shows we’ve been to over all the years of attending Adelaide Fringe, this one is honestly the BEST one we have ever been to. A stand out clear winner! Congratulations on such an entertaining show!”

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“I came into Mind Games a skeptic but I left a believer. Sounds dramatic, I know, but it honestly was an eye-opening experience and most importantly, it was hilarious for both the audience and the brave volunteers.”

Tammy Tu

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So you’ve booked a stand at a trade show, now what? With advancements in technology, you have the luxury of easily recording contact details using scanners, but just how do you manage to bridge that final gap between exhibitor and attendee and record that information?

Are your staff trained in approaching passers-by? Can they differentiate between a lead and a “hot lead”? If they are acquiring leads, are the leads potential clients, or simply time wasters looking for a free gift bag? And how do you break through that barrier and grab the attention of attendees by standing out from the rest?

As always, the best answer is to simply hire a professional. But what kind of professional? Hiring a professional entertainer might get you professional entertainment, but after that, how are you going to reel in prospective clients? Perhaps you hire a body language expert – so then how to you grab attention? You could end up spending tens of thousands of dollars to get the perfect recipe – Or, you could hire one professional who specializes in the entire package…

Imagine securing the services of an expert who can capture the attention of passers-by, integrate your product or brand into the performance, sift hot leads, and bring them to your staff of whom have been trained in areas ranging from using positive body language to approach and dismissal techniques.

Phoenix has an array of packages designed specifically for Trade Show Exhibitions. If you’re investing in trade shows, and quality lead generation means anything to you, you can’t afford to not book Phoenix.

Contact us to enquire after the following expert service packages:

Booth Training for Staff, including:

– Standing in the aisles
– Using positive body language
– Approach and Dismissal techniques
– Only allowing “hot leads” in the stand space

Crowd Stopping Entertainment
Brand Awareness
Lead Capture
Quality Lead Filtering
Integration of Product into performance
Stage Shows

Maximize your ROI and secure Phoenix’s services before your competitors do!

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“I facilitate a lot of conferences and I had the pleasure of having Phoenix turn up to coach our sales team. He was exactly the right person for this group! It was both fun and entertaining, but really hit home with how to better build rapport with people & get the sale. I fully recommend him for your next sales conference or leadership group.”

- Murray fitzpatrick, Sales trainer

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