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Unlike typical motivational keynote talks or inspirational speakers, Mind Set is a new experience. A hybrid of performance, demonstration, and information of just how powerful the human mind truly is, Mind Set has been and will continue to be a mind-opening and life-changing experience for those who experience it.

Through mind-blowing demonstrations of the power of suggestion and powerful analogy, Phoenix shows the audience just how powerful our subconscious truly is. He then goes on to show how, by changing our own mindsets, we have the power to change our lives for the better.

Mind Set is not only entertaining, but it is also mind-blowing, educational, and motivational. It will leave you inspired and ready to take on the world, excited by your own potential.

There are no “tricks” or illusions, this is purely an uplifting psychological experience that everyone should have the chance to experience.

“Thank you for everything Phoenix. Everyone absolutely loved it, well done!”

– Thibault Henry, VOLY 

“Thank you for an amazing keynote. Your insights & perspective were truly valuable & we were thoroughly engaged by your presentation. It was a pleasure to have you with us.
Your keynote session was voted the best session of the day.”

– Terri Mathews, HR Manager Association of Australian Certifiers


Mind Set Hypnotic Keynote


How did Mind Set come to be?

After spending years performing around the world, in venues from Sydney to Las Vegas, and at a variety of corporate and gala awards events internationally, Phoenix was approached by a Sydney tech start-up company to perform his hypnosis show in their office for their small group of 40 staff.

The client had expressed that his Father, another company director had witnessed a hypnosis performance and had strongly advised him to book Phoenix for his office group. They wanted a fun time but they especially wanted to see the astounding inductions (the stage where people transition into the “trance state”). Having delivered keynote speaking sessions for larger corporate audiences using hypnosis, it was decided there and then to create a downsized hybrid of performance, keynote talk, & and an information session on the power of the subconscious while demonstrating it live.

Here is what the company EA sent following the performance:

“Thank you again for last night! It was so much fun, and informative! The staff is still talking about it!!”

The experience delivered was such a success, that a week later, another Sydney start-up company contacted Phoenix after hearing about the previous performance. This time, the group had only 25 attendees. This version saw one participant’s genuine phobia melt away as the mental freedom of overcoming a phobia was witnessed by all. Other demonstrations included participants unable to stand from their chairs – a perfect metaphor that is more than just “talk” when discussing limiting beliefs, and several other mind-expanding demonstrations and lessons.

Here’s what the company director had to say:

“Thank you for everything Phoenix. Everyone absolutely loved it, well done!”

Minimum Requirements:

  • Performance space large enough to cater to your group size, and minimum performance space of 5m x 3m
  • Minimum audience size of 25, no maximum size

Phoenix also has a quick informative video clip to help attendees understand the hypnosis experience, reassure them and calm any nerves or apprehensions they may have.

“Mind Set” can and has already been a life-changing and uplifting experience.

It’s perfect for team building, corporate training days or as an inspirational talk for your next event.

Please contact us to discuss booking “Mind Set” to reconnect staff, help reach your true potential, and witness the incredible in a safe and uplifting way.

Have a question about the show or want to organise an event? Contact Phoenix here or call 1800 MINDGUY (646 348)

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“I facilitate a lot of conferences and I had the pleasure of having Phoenix turn up to coach our sales team. He was exactly the right person for this group! It was both fun and entertaining, but really hit home with how to better build rapport with people & get the sale. I fully recommend him for your next sales conference or leadership group.”

- Murray fitzpatrick, Sales trainer

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