Maximise the Laughs by Booking Mentalist Phoenix as Your Sydney Hypnotist

From Australia to Las Vegas, Sydney hypnotist Mentalist Phoenix has been thrilling audiences around the world for years. Phoenix’s stage hypnotist show is true comedy gold and is perfect for corporate events or other similar situations. A 100% ‘clean’ hypnosis show that involves no humiliation or embarrassment, the Mentalist Phoenix hypnosis show is something that audiences will still be reminiscing and laughing about years after the fact!

Care and Respect: The Defining Characteristics of a Mentalist Phoenix Show

Hypnosis shows are typically known for being both riotously funny and stunningly unpredictable. Unfortunately, hypnotists in Sydney and other parts of the world often don’t show the care or respect for their volunteers that they should. In lower quality hypnosis shows, the laughs and mind-trickery might be there, but the programs are less fun because some volunteers are forced into embarrassing or compromising situations. It’s unfortunate but not wholly unsurprising that some people have a misconception of hypnosis as a cold, mean-spirited art.

When you hire Mentalist Phoenix as your hypnotist in Sydney, you won’t have to worry about any of that mean-spirited unprofessionalism. Phoenix doesn’t derive laughs in his hypnosis shows from humiliating or taking advantage of his volunteers. Instead, Mentalist Phoenix treats each volunteer with the utmost respect and care. The goal is for volunteers to leave the show feeling like rock stars rather than feeling like victims.

It takes guts for an audience member to volunteer and come onstage in any entertainment event. It takes even more guts for an audience member to volunteer for hypnosis, since they are essentially surrendering their self-control to a stranger! Mentalist Phoenix’s years of performing in front of TV audiences, on cruise lines, at festivals and on huge world stages have taught him how to respect this kind of courage in a way that less-skilled and less experienced Sydney hypnotists never will. Said another way, volunteers and audience members alike are in the best of hands with Phoenix.

The Funniest Hypnotist in Sydney

That’s not to say that Mentalist Phoenix sacrifices laughs and overall performance quality, though. Instead, his shows have been carefully tailored to balance the care and respect for volunteers with the overall enjoyment of the audience. The result is a show full of hilarious hypnotic suggestions and innovative routines that will leave your guests laughing hysterically, but not at the expense of the volunteer.

The humor of the Mind Games Comedy Hypnosis show is enhanced by the sheer speed in which Mentalist Phoenix can hypnotise his volunteers. Phoenix can pull off his hypnosis inductions in 10 seconds flat—faster than any other hypnotists in Sydney, and something you have to see firsthand to believe.
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