Corporate, Brand, & Publicity Stunts




Whether it’s getting your product or image into media such as newspapers & TV news stories quickly or creating an unforgettable start to a conference by having the CEO appear on stage, the best method is to use Phoenix.

Perhaps you have a public event and would like to have your company. logo, or product integrated into an amazing, focus-demanding stunt?

There are countless ways & stunts that can be performed to grab the right media or public attention to bring publicity to your product or brand.

Phoenix is capable of presenting your company or product in the perfect light, in an astounding way. Due to the discretion of clients requirements for original brand promotion & publicity, we won’t list too many, however, below are a couple of examples of how products can be the subject of media attention:

  • Blind folded drive or motorcycle ride on the race track: new car models or motor sports racing event.
  • Mentalism Stunts: Predicting Scores, reading sporting personalities 
  • Logos and packaging integration
  • Projection of imagery (We prefer to not disclose too many of this outside consultation)
  • Underwater Escapes: bottled water promotion/marine park stunt.

Phoenix will assess the product, or celebrity personality & come up with the perfect PR stunt to bring maximum gain & brand awareness. Contact us for more details.

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