Hire the Best Mentalist in Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth for an Unforgettable Event

If you’re hosting an event and you need the type of jaw-dropping entertainment that will keep you in the minds of all your guests for years to come, why not hire a mentalist? Not quite an illusionist and more than a hypnotist, a mentalist’s abilities far surpass those of other magicians, and you’re guaranteed to be impressed when you see what a good mentalist can do. By reading body language and manipulating thoughts, a mentalist can perform impressive acts that will leave you stunned and eager to see it again. So if you’re in Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth, and you want to see the magic of a mentalist firsthand, hire the most entertaining and impressive mentalist in Australia – the man called Phoenix.

Who is Phoenix?

You may have seen Phoenix on Australia’s Got Talent when he performed his signature water tank escape in front of the entire country. He’s also been featured on The Morning Show, The Today Show and Studio 10. He regularly performs on cruises and frequently does big events throughout Australia, showing off his skills to whoever wants to see them. Phoenix has been honing his mentalist skills since the age of eight when he started reading his father’s book on body language. Today, he is known as one of the best performers in Australia.

What is Mentalism and How is it Different From Other Types of Magic?

While illusionists such as David Copperfield and Criss Angel have been in the spotlight for a while, mentalists such as Phoenix have started to become a lot more popular in recent years. Illusionism uses sleight of hand and forced perspectives to trick audiences in a very physical manner, and while these tricks are very visually impressive, they’re also easy to explain.

Instead of doing a lot of physical magic, mentalists can appear to read your mind in a way that’s almost impossible to figure out. They can predict what you’re going to do before you do it and influence what you’re going to say all the while. They accomplish this by having a deep understanding of psychology and how people work, and they use that understanding in a variety of different ways to shock and impress their audience.

Phoenix is the Mentalist for a Brisbane Event that You Need

Phoenix does so much more than magic – he’s inspirational, funny, and appropriate for all ages. He can motivate your employees or blow the minds of everyone at your wedding, and he’ll do it all in a fun and friendly way that will make you feel like a unique part of the experience. He can work at trade shows and help market your product or provide entertainment at any event you can imagine. As a mentalist for Perth, Melbourne, and other Australian audiences of all sizes, Phoenix has the skill and experience to put on an incredible show that will stick with you for the rest of your life.