Phoenix’s Stunt on Channel Ten’s “Studio 10”.. “HOW did you do it?!?!?!”

Phoenix Mentalist

Phoenix’s Stunt on Channel Ten’s “Studio 10”.. “HOW did you do it?!?!?!”

Phoenix’s Stunt on Channel Ten’s “Studio 10”.. “HOW did you do it?!?!?!”

Mind Blowing Mentalist Stunt

Sydney Mentalist & Mind Magician Phoenix does the impossible on LIVE TV...AGAIN!

So we have all seen stunts by many a Magician or Mentalist, but one of the big questions on the lips of people who saw Phoenix’s most recent appearance on Channel Ten’s “Studio 10” is…

“HOW did you do that!?!??!”

Releasing the “How”, or even the “What if..” isn’t usually part of the game, but watch closely here… See what you pick up, and then keep watching to see what you might have missed..


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This stunt was the product of several years of precise routine work, practicing, and constant revisions and changes to create the ultimate end result. Nothing is by chance.

Could this go wrong?

Of course, there is always a high chance of something going wrong, and with the added stress of live television, there is no room for error!

These sorts of stunts and routines are exceptionally rare, and exceptionally difficult to successfully execute, but the rewards are eternal.

When booking corporate entertainment, do what the TV stations do and only choose the best, because ultimately, your choice will reflect on you. Choose the best, and put any concerns to rest!

When it comes to live entertainment, it’s definitely worth hiring a professional.

Phoenix performs stunts, much like this, in his various available shows. Bring the magic & mind-blowing, jaw-dropping routines to your next corporate event.

For more information on booking this entertainer for your next corporate event, as a guest on your television or radio show, or to book one of Phoenix’s corporate training & speaking workshops, be sure to contact us today!

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