What The Hell Is A Mentalist

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What The Hell Is A Mentalist

What The Hell Is A Mentalist

What the hell is a mentalist?

Human beings have always been fascinated by the supernatural. If we were to turn the pages of time, one would find that references to the supernatural can even be found in the Bible. It was not uncommon for kings and warriors to ‘consult’ the Gods, to forecast future weather conditions or even to predict victory or death. The Greeks in fact also had their own Oracles at Delphi and Delos and were often beseeched by the rich and poor alike to understand what lay in store for them in the future.  To this day we still do, and that brings us to the question. What the hell is a mentalist?

Cut to the modern world and we find that the interest, curiosity and at times, even obsession with people who have ‘powers’ that can predict future events, who have a strong sense of intuition and the ability to fool the mind is still going strong. However, one might even say that there has been a small change in the manner in which people view such talents- the Greeks believed that their mediums truly heard the voices of the Gods, whereas today, we enjoy watching such displays of skills in the form of entertainment.

Today’s Magic Makers.

Magicians, illusionists, performers, mind readers, mentalists, hypnotists…. The list goes on and often the lines are blurred between these different professions. It’s easy to confuse one with the other and often the audience assumes that a magician can do what a mentalist does and a hypnotist can do what a mind reader does. Before we define what the role of a mentalist is all about, let’s first take a look at what each of these performers does:
Magician: He can often be spotted wearing a flowing cape and a tall hat and children simply adore him because he is able to create magic with a simple wave of his wand. One could also say that a magician is, in reality, an illusionist, because he creates illusions or makes the audience believe that he has actually created something or performed a real magic trick. A magician’s favourite prop is a deck of cards and the best magicians always involve the audience in a trick or two.

Illusionist: To be an illusionist is to delve deeper into human psychology because successful illusion tricks are simply manipulations of the human mind. Different psychological techniques are put to effect and very often succeed in leaving the audience spellbound. An illusionist indulges only in tricks that are performed on a large scale. Even today, Houdini is one of the best illusionists we have ever had and probably one of the first performers to add an element of showmanship and entertainment to so serious a craft.
Hypnotist: Hypnosis is an integral part of psychology sessions and when such skills are displayed in front of an audience, it can be rather fun to watch. Basically, hypnosis works on the assumption that whatever state of mind the hypnotist claims that the second person is in, becomes a reality to the latter. What makes a hypnotist’s tricks seem so entertaining is that a person who is being hypnotised has practically no fear of anything and can be made to do a number of daring feats.
Which brings us to the role of a Mentalist and why hiring one for corporate and private events promises to be better than awesome.

Mentalists are performers who employ a wide range of psychological tactics which include hypnosis and what seems like telepathy to entertain an audience. Mentalists can be said to create illusions of the mind and are highly adept at influencing other people. In fact, for most mentalists, mind control and mind reading lie at the heart of all their tricks and performances. The Mentalist’s knack for predicting events and thoughts of a member of the audience is usually spot on. Some of them may even be able to make objects levitate in thin air which undoubtedly leaves an audience astounded.

Sounds interesting? What if we told you that you don’t have to any longer to get up, close and personal with a mentalist? That’s right! Mentalist Phoenix has been mesmerising corporate and private audiences all over Australia for years and we’re bringing his mind boggling action and entertainment right to your doorstep. Want to impress guests at a wedding and leave them spell-bound? Or have an annual review meet coming up that you want to get your employees excited about? Or maybe you’re planning a children’s party and you’ve promised to show them a few magic tricks? Then, all you need to do is to get in touch with us. Read more about Phoenix and we promise to give you a show that you’ll never forget.

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